Make a new character for just £3.74

Green man Gaming have got a deal on today which allows anybody to create a new Eve Account with 60 days worth of game time for just £3.74

To get the full 60 days you will need to purchase the Core Starter pack, and activate it on a trial account created using a buddy link, like this one.

The core starter pack contains the Prototype Cerebral Accelerator which provides a +9 boost to all attributes – the perfect way to create that trading or PI toon.

Players will also get a Venture, modules to fit it out and a blueprint.

Also included is the blueprint for the Corax, a mobile depot and some clothes for your avatar.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a little extra cash left despite it being the festive season, you can pick up the Premium edition which also includes a PLEX for £14.99, a 50% discount.

The Premium edition also includes the Industrialist, Explorer, Colonist and Explorer content packs plus one SKIN for the Abaddon, Hyperion, Maelstrom and Rokh. You also get 750 Aurum.



Operation Frostline launches tomorrow

So what is Operation Frostline?

If you’ve jumped on the Singularity test server at any point in the past few weeks you may have noticed a new beacon in space – Operation Frostline Target.

These are Serpentis sites, released by Mordu’s Legion Command, with full CONCORD sanction for capsuleer assault.

The public marking of these sites ties in with recent strikes by Mordu on Serpentis controlled ORE corporation. Despite these attacks, some Serpentis ships were able to escape with valuable ORE assets, including BPCs for new Ice Harvest Module and the Endurance Ice Mining frigate.

These sites, like the Blood Raiders Crimson Harvest sites, will feature a number of waves of faction NPCs, followed by an acceleration gate to another pocket and more NPCs – and eventually loot.

Developers have said a number of times the Crimson Harvest event went better than expected, with the sites not only providing new PVE content, but also providing  a flashpoint for PVP.

While the full details of exactly what loot players will find in these sites isn’t fully listed, testers on SISI have shown they will include boosters and new Serpentis apparel.  CCP have also said in a recent devblog that these sites will also contain ship blueprints – likely the new Ore frigate, the Endurance – as well as implants, Nexus chips and assorted modules.

Developers will be monitoring the Twitter hashtag #Frostline for “cool stories, artwork and pretty screenshots” with a few prizes including PLEX and signed copies of EVE: The Art Of New Eden on offer.

Operation Frostline launches tomorrow alongside the December release, you can read the full patch notes here.

There will also be a number of discounts on both Plex and Aurum available during the holiday season, as well as deals on Serpentis SKINS for the Catalyst and Brutix.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without more Festival Launchers, fireworks and Snowballs appear in the players’ hangers – make sure to check the redeeming system often.



ORE confirms theft of Endurance BPC and new ice mining tech

Alton Haveri reports on news that elements of the Serpentis Corporation force involved in administrating ORE station in Outer Ring were able to escape the onslaught with a significant amount of valuable ORE technology.

This news comes as the corporation reveals details of some of the technology stolen, including blueprints for the new “Endurance” class ice mining frigate and a highly efficient new compact ice mining laser system.


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